Pang Valley Flood Forum

Working collaboratively to reduce flood risk throughout the communities in the Pang Valley

Welcome to the Pang Valley Flood Forum

We bring together the communities in the Pang Valley to work with the Environment Agency, West Berkshire Council and Thames Water to reduce flood risk through the Pang Valley.

NEWS: Low Water Levels

The River Pang is dry upstream of Stanford Dingley. Why? The groundwater level in the chalk aquifers is based on the previous 11 months of rain; winter and spring 2017 were dry; the groundwater is now very low and so the river has dried up. See our dashboard to see the historical levels.

What's on the website

About Us The aims and objectives of the flood forum
Dashboard Monitor river, rain and groundwater data
Maps See the flood risk points, planned slow and fast areas and EA flood risk information combined on a map
Action Plan Track the actions that we manage with the EA, WBC and Thames Water
Documents Our searchable library of documents and photographs

Emergencies and Concerns

Report a blocked river, flooding emergency, trapped fish Environment Agency emergencies
Note that sometimes it's not a bad thing if the river is a bit blocked.
Check the Maps to see where we like the river to run slow
Highways drainage problem Report a problem with road drainage to WBC
Local flooding Report local flooding to WBC

Contact us to get involved

If you would like to get involved, please email us. We can introduce you to your local flood warden or you might want to come to a meeting to share your great ideas.

Email: pangvalleyfloodforum@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PangValleyFlood
PVFF Chair: Kay Lacey
PVFF Vice Chair: Piers Allison
Tech Subgroup Chair: Brian Connorton

Future PVFF Meetings

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