Pang Valley Flood Forum

Working collaboratively to reduce flood risk throughout the communities in the Pang Valley

Welcome to the Pang Valley Flood Forum

We bring together the communities in the Pang Valley to work with the Environment Agency, West Berkshire Council and Thames Water to reduce flood risk through the Pang Valley.

Key new documents or features

NEW Dashboard - Historical Statistics
Dashboard - new features:
  • In the "Groundwater" chart, click the dropdown to see other groundwater levels
Map - new layers:
  • EA: Current Flood Alerts and Warnings
  • LIDAR 2m Contours
  • PVFF/EA: River bed gradients
  • EA: Overland Flow Pathways

What's on the website

About Us  The aims and objectives of the flood forum.
Dashboard  Monitor river, rain and groundwater data.
If you wish to download ALL our data, click here for more info.
Map  See the flood risk points, planned slow and fast areas and EA flood risk information combined on a map.
Action Plan  Track the actions that we manage with the EA, WBC and Thames Water.
Projects  See our completed and in progress projects and a summary of the forum's key achievements.
Videos  See our videos on our YouTube channel.
Documents  Our searchable library of documents and photographs.

Emergencies and Concerns

Report a blocked river, flooding emergency, trapped fish Environment Agency emergencies
Note that sometimes it's not a bad thing if the river is a bit blocked.
Check the Map to see where we like the river to run slow.
Highways drainage and non-river, non-sewer flooding Report local flooding to West Berkshire Council
Use 'Location Search' to find where the flooding is. Click the map, select "Report issue with Flooding" is there is a local flood. If there's a problem with a road drain grill, select it on the map and select "Report a problem with this..."
Sewer or Thames Water flooding problem Report a problem to Thames Water

EA Flood Warnings and Alerts

Sign up for call/text/email alerts from the Environment Agency when they issue a Flood Warning or Alert for your area.

Our Dashboard shows active Flood Warnings or Alerts.

Type What it means Who should pay attention
Flood Warning Severe Flood Warning Severe flooding. Danger to life. People living in or near flood risk areas
Flood Warning Flood Warning Flooding of Properties is expected. People living in flood risk areas
Flood Alert Flood Alert Flooding of fields, minor roads is possible. Flood wardens, farmers
Flood Warning Warnings Ended No further flooding is expected.  

This table is a summary of the Environment Agency's guidance.

Contact us to get involved

To get involved, please email us. We can introduce you to your local flood warden or you might want to come to a meeting to share your ideas.

To join as a member of the PVFF and to be invited to our meetings or to alter your membership details, please use our online membership form.

Join Us:  Online membership form
Email:  pangvalleyfloodforum@gmail.com
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PangValleyFlood
PVFF Chair:  Kay Lacey
PVFF Vice Chair:  Piers Allison
Tech Subgroup Chair:  Brian Connorton

Future PVFF Meetings

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Download our data

If you wish to download ALL our data, click here for more info.